Southern Oregon Drone

Southern Oregon Drone
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  • We're Experienced. We're experts at flying and filming smoothly, and our portfolio is incredibly diverse. We challenge you to challenge us.
  • We're Legal. Our operator is a licensed airplane pilot and certified under the FAA's new Part 107 rules.
  • We're Insured. We're covered, so you're covered.
  • We Travel. The majority of our work actually comes from beyond Southern Oregon these days!
  • Our Drone is Awesome. Our drone is capable of filming Ultra-High Definition 4K Resolution, as well as HD 1080P at up to 60 frames per second. It can remain airborne for over 20 minutes on one battery!
  • No-Nausea Guarantee. A 3-axis gimbal keeps all of our shots extremely smooth. If you need a sick bag after watching your video, we won't charge you - our shots and pans are very gradual and easy to watch.
  • Your vision is our vision. Our clients retain FULL creative control. Raw footage and photos are always included, and we also offer professional editing towards a final product. 
  • Pilot, Photographer, and Marketer. Our professional marketing background allows us to help design and create effective marketing campaigns. Upon our client's request, we'll plan, film, edit, and assist in executing a marketing campaign centered around aerial imagery.
  • Safety and discretion is paramount. At events, we always retain a safe distance, and we fly routes that keep noise minimized out of respect for guests and nearby residents.

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