University of Delaware Professional Drone Pilot Training

University of Delaware Professional Drone Pilot Training

2-Day Flight Training and FAA Part 107 Test Prep

With the proliferation of UAVs (drones) throughout the United States, drone owners are continuously finding new ways to use these aircraft. Hobbyist use drones for recreational purposes like racing and personal photography, and increasing numbers of individuals, businesses, and local, state, and federal agencies are finding innovative ways to use UAVs for commercial purposes.  

UD PCS’ new Professional Drone Pilot Training course provides drone operators with the knowledge and skills they need to successfully–and legally–operate UAVs. This two-day, high-demand course provides one day of flight training and one day of FAA Part 107 test preparation, which helps participant learn the requirements necessary to earn remote pilot certification (also known as  a drone license, part 107 exam, and remote pilot certification) under FAA Part 107.

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